By Hugh Abner
[44 Years and Counting Manufacturing Batteries and Battery Machinery]

Sorry! At this time in our country and especially for those of us on the Gulf Coast, as well as the Atlantic Coast I simply cannot bring myself to return right now to Top Lead.

The challenge is going to be to relate things in our industry, (SLI Lead Acid Batteries), to the (Oil or Petroleum Industry). A couple of things easily come to mind though.

Today, our batteries are mostly assembled inside a plastic box or container. A quick Internet search provides information which leads me to believe that 52% of this container is fuel oil. I am relying on a study produced by the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the University of Science and Technology in Xianyang China. They stated that by using a process named pyrolysis they could convert 1.92 tons of plastics into 1.0 ton of fuel oil.

Another relationship between automotive batteries and oil is not just that a battery starts a vehicle which is powered by gasoline, but a little known fact that today’s batteries owe much credit their much improved life span to the petroleum industry. The special lubricating oil products of today enable automobile cranking in our very cold climates to have far less resistance to mechanical motion than they did just 20 or 30 years ago. In many cases the same old battery seems to be better because good old slippery oil has eased the work load.

So, even if one thinks I am stretching things a bit in trying to create a relationship then consider that, (BP), might someday mean, (Beyond Petroleum), rather than (British Petroleum).We have a great hope that our old, old battery with a bit of alterations will be part of this new BP.

Now, back to today’s BP. We have a strong connection here in Florida with the Gulf of Mexico. Our Gulf is now under attack and could literally become a dead sea so to speak. Even if some little shrimp survive We The People will asking questions something like this – (Does your restaurant’s shrimp come from the Gulf of Mexico?). Imagine our Florida with that in mind.

All this week I have heard and read about this group blaming that group. Now I am even learning that it is quite possible that our Big-Big government is not Big enough and should be much bigger. Imagine that! We can’t seem to make up our minds.

I have not seen or heard much though about who is really to blame. That would be us. Very few of us have never benefited from oil and/or petroleum products. Leaving out all the plastic stuff I am surrounded with I can safely figure that in my lifetime I have used for just my own personal transportation where I alone was the driver some 40,000 gallons of gasoline. Frankly I intend to use more. Hopefully, much more and even when we get to a point where our historians can describe the point in time where we became, (Beyond Petroleum),  we will still be using it.

We The People have arrived at a point in time where the “Taking Our Country Back” mantra has to be given a little thought. Practical thoughts, not hate thoughts.Even though I have not followed on with the Top Lead lll events that I keep promising I have already with l and ll described enough of the old ways that nobody could seriously consider returning to all that.

I do have a personal thought when I hear that take our country back statement. Florida is the overflowing with people place it is today because of air conditioning. I was raised less than 100 miles north of Florida and I remember our little house having a ceiling fan. This fan was absolutely useless in the day time and only with much stealth could it be made into a real enjoyable thing at night. It is not with pride that I explain this stealth remark. There would be times when I could not easily fall asleep. Whatever was keeping me awake was accompanied by it simply being hot. Therefore, after all others had fallen asleep, especially my brothers, I would go to their bedside windows and close them down a bit. When this was done properly there would be an increase in flow of unbelievably cool air blasting across my sleeping zone. It was good but even if I wanted to go back to,”That”, I couldn’t. Moving forward is what we are capable of doing and going back is just something for the history books.

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