Inventory Control Specialist & Shipping/Receiving Clerk II


The primary function of the Inventory Control Specialist II is to review supply and demand and maintain control of all inventory items purchased and manufactured.  This position is also responsible for issuing all materials to jobs ‘just-in-
time’ to meet the production schedules, to receive all manufactured products from jobs to inventory, and to issue job assemblies to outside service providers as needed.

A second primary function of the Shipping / Receiving Clerk II position is to receive all purchased materials and products from vendors and outsider service providers, correctly stocking all materials.  In addition, this position is responsible for shipping all Finished Goods to Customers according to Sales Orders and in accordance with Customer delivery
requirements and dates.

This position must be able to function successfully in a fast-paced, hands-on, team-based machine shop, steel fabrication and capital equipment assembly and test manufacturing plant.


As an Inventory Control Specialist, responsibilities include the following:

  • Review demand history and current supply for all materials and products purchased and manufactured, helping to ensure that product will be available when required.
  • Work to minimize stock-outs by expediting purchased materials with the purchasing function and by working with the Production Manager to identify specific jobs that need to be ‘pulled’ thru production. o  Maintain control of all inventory items, purchased and manufactured; establish and maintain cycle counting process and internal control procedures, ensuring that on-hand inventory status for quantity and value is accurate at all times.
  • Assemble and issue all materials to jobs, ‘just-in-time’, to help ensure that production can meet their schedule requirements.
  • Receive all manufactured products from jobs into Inventory, helping to ensure that inventory counts and item values are correctly defined.

As a Shipping and Receiving Clerk II, responsibilities include the following;

  • Receive all purchased materials and products from outside service providers, match quantity to correct Purchase Orders and correctly stock all product in inventory bins
  • Receive all job-related product from outside service providers, match quantity with Job Purchase Orders and deliver all job-related products to their collection point. Track and report all discrepancies to Purchasing and Manufacturing.
  • Assemble customer orders according to schedule, prepare shipments and all freight documents according to Customer requirements and report any issues

As a member of the Manufacturing team, responsibilities include the following;

  • Participate in and contribute proactively during routine Company team meetings, helping to ensure that Company goals and objectives are achieved and that Customer products are delivered on-time, on-budget while meeting all quality requirements.
  • Participate fully in ongoing Company-wide performance improvements and other projects when assigned.


  • 5 + years of inventory control, shipping and receiving experience in industrial machining, fabrication and assembly contract manufacturing / job shop environment
  • Sufficient understanding of specifications and materials with ability to read drawings; familiar with standard procedures and processes relative to inventory control of raw materials and finished goods.
    High School Diploma required;  Business degree a plus
  • Experience using  ERP / MRP / Shop Control Manufacturing Systems required


  • Sound analytical, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Relevant and current industry knowledge of materials
  • Ability to lead and contribute to cross-functional project teams


  • No stock-outs of inventory materials
    On-time shipment to Customers
  • Accurate and timely completion of cycle count program with minimal adjustments of quantity and/or value
  • Successful completion of project-related deadlines, milestones and objectives
  • Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Quality relationships are established and maintained within the Company and with Vendors and Service Providers

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