Through the Wall Welder


Farmer’s multi-head automatic welders provide rapid changeover and the ability to weld BCI group sizes U-1 through group 31 on our standard machine. Commercial and scrubber batteries can also be accommodated with minor modifications.

All of our welders incorporate Farmer’s unique weld toggle assembly. Industry proven for over 25 year, the weld head design allows greater force application at the weld point without compromising space. In addition, our separate second squeeze application after the weld forges the molten lead to an optimum predetermined displacement within the punched hole in the container.

If you require low volume or prototype runs, our single-head welder provides a cost effective versatile solution.

The Farmer two-head welder is a cost effective, highly reliable through-the-wall welder that’s perfect for in-line automotive and deep-cell applications.

The Farmer three-head welder is extremely versatile, allowing for automotive and deep-cycle applications, as well as a third head for industrial and truck battery applications.


  • PLC Controls for production of up to 4 batteries per minute
  • Low maintenance long-life, belted conveyor system
  • All molds are poured simultaneously
  • Proven material handling system for rapid changeovers
  • Low operating cost
  • Unique second squeeze after the weld
  • Variety of weld control options available


  • Automatic short-testing option
  • Available in multiple configurations to suit individual customer needs
  • Modular frame design with self-contained hydraulic
  • Touchscreen or button operator interface available
  • Weld control data collections option available