1800 Parts Caster

The model 1800 parts caster is one of the industry’s leading workhorses in the area of parts casting. With its flexibility to cast parts from 1 to up to 12 individual molds, this machine offers flexibility in meeting small parts production requirements.


  • Parts are cast in molds and then sorted into individual collection bins.
  • Up to 2 parts casters can be operated from 1 lead source with 1 attendant.

2000 Upgrade:

Previous hydraulic knockout system upgraded to individual hydraulic knockout cylinders at each end of the machine to increase reliability and decrease moving parts.

Other Features & Benefits:

  • Production of up to 12,000 parts per shift (using 12 individual molds)
  • Any combination of posts or connectors can be produced at the same time.
  • All molds are poured simultaneously.
  • Capable of casting industrial connectors
  • PLC controlled with easy-to-use operator interface
  • Gate area of the mold casting can be used for hand-burning stick.